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Abdominoplasty: 38 year old mother couldn't improve abdomen with exercise due to indented lower midline scar and laxity of the muscle coverings after children. Liposuction alone wouldn't help scar or loose skin. She tired of girtles to keep lower bulge in check while sitting and wanted better clothing and bathing suit fit and selection.








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5 foot 4 inch tall 128 lb. woman had 1 lb. 15 oz. of skin and fat removed, muscle covering (fascia) tightened, and liposuction of both hips. Incisions were planned to fall within her undergarment and desired bathing suit. Post op photos taken 2 years and 2 weeks after surgery. Patient underwent breast augmentation at the same operation.

Scar may continue to fade for up to 3 years after surgery. Please see this patient's testimonial.

The same 'before and after' results may not occur for all patients.

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