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Breast augmentation:

42 year old mother of 18 yr. old son and 15 yr. old daughter. D.S. liked her fullness with pregnancies, tired of uncomfortable padded brassieres, and oversized T-shirts and clothes designed to obscure her chest size.

D.S. is 5'6" 124 lb.. 32 AA or 32 A before now 120 lb.. 34D after periareolar, sub muscular breast augmentation with McGhan smooth round 510 cc implants filled to 530 cc on the R and 540 cc on the left. Her very soft, mobile implants give a natural feel. Patient recalled nothing of surgery after conscious sedation technique administered by Dr. Pertsch.

Although overall happy with results 1 yr. 3.5 months after surgery she still has an annoying ache in the left side. Although a brassiere helped this sensation she found the under wires irritating. Always a little shy she "...hates guys staring at her breasts." She's considering reducing her size to minimize these issues.



<- Before and 1 year 3.5 months After->


'Before' photographs are on the left and 'After' are to the right.

The same 'before and after' results may not occur for all patients.



<- Before and After->


<- After, close-up R incision After, close-up L incision ->

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Photos 1 yr. 3.5 months after surgery.


Standing, immediately prior to surgery the approximate pocket for the implant is marked (These are not the incisions! Incision is about an inch long in the colored part of the breast skin) . Marking while upright best assures symmetry and natural appearance despite surgery performed when patients are lying down. Before finishing operation, patients are brought upright and compared to the pictures of their ideal postoperative appearance.



The same 'before and after' results may not occur for all patients.

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