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Breast augmentation with larger silicone gel implants:

41year old mother of 3 children was very happy after her first breast augmentation performed elsewhere 12 years ago. She had gone from a B- cup to a loose D or full C size. However, after losing 30 lbs (170 -> 142) she lost much breast volume. Also she had developed significant sagging. Although a breastlift was discussed she wished to avoid the extra scarring and proceed with larger silicone gel implants.

R.B. is 5'4" tall and weighed 145 lb. size 36 C with 280 cc gel implants before this surgery. After, patient very happy with appearance using submuscular 600cc high profile Mcghan textured gel implants. While she can fit in a 36 D a 36DD is more comfortable. 'After' photographs taken 6.5 months after surgery. Patient had no recollection of surgery with Dr. Pertsch's administration of IV/local conscious sedation anesthesia.

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'Before' photographs are on the left and 'After' are to the right.

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The same 'before and after' results may not occur for all patients.


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This surgery performed via previous periareolar incisions.
On right breast compare old breast biopsy incision on upper, outer aspect of R areola versus plastic surgeon closure confined to lower half of R areola.


All patients are marked, standing, immediatley prior to surgery . This best assures symmetry and natural appearance when upright despite surgery performed when patients are lying down. Before finishing operation, patients are brought upright and compared to their pictures of the ideal postoperative appearance.


 Original R side implant had an undetected rupture. Cohesive nature of gel held material together despite break in capsule. Note: patient recalled being 280 cc both sides and operative documentation was not available. At surgery, R implant was actually 320 cc.

The same 'before and after' results may not occur for all patients.

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