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Breast augmentation without recommended breast lift (mastopexy):

26 year old woman initially sought a breast lift (mastopexy) and breast augmentation procedure. However, upon seeing the extra scarring for a lift decided to get whatever benefit she could from a breast augmentation without a lift.

R.B. is 5'4" tall 120 lb. weight ,without children, size 36 small C before this surgery. After, 36 full C using subglandular 375 cc Mentor round textured implants filled to 375 cc on both sides inserted via periareolar incision. (i.e. implants were placed above the muscle, directly under the breast tissue. Today, Dr. Pertsch could insert implants under main pectoralis muscle with his 'extended release' technique )

First set of post operative photos taken 11 months after surgery (not yet available for viewing). Second set taken 2 yrs 6.5 months after surgery.

Patient had no recollection of surgery with Dr. Pertsch's administration of IV/local conscious sedation anesthesia.


<- Before and 2 years 6.5 months After->


'Before' photographs are on the left and 2 years 6.5 months 'After' are to the right.

Touch an image for the greatest photographic detail.

The same 'before and after' results may not occur for all patients.



<- After, close-up R incision After, close-up L incision ->
Photos 11 months after surgery.


(This page not yet finished. More views to be posted)

<- Before and After->


All patients are marked, standing, immediately prior to surgery . This best assures symmetry and natural appearance when upright despite surgery performed when patients are lying down. Before finishing operation, patients are brought upright and compared to their pictures of the ideal postoperative appearance.



The same 'before and after' results may not occur for all patients.

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