Preparing for your procedure:

Dr. Pertsch believes it most important you should be fully informed to have the best results and limit any surprises during the period of time near your surgery.

If you have had an initial consult with Dr. Pertsch and have decided on which procedures to have performed call Dr. Pertsch office to schedule two dates:
1) The date of your procedure and
2) A date for a preoperative appointment (A "preop" 3-4 weeks before your procedure is the usual time for this second appointment)

Before coming for your "preop" appointment:
1) Please download and review our peri-operative agreements form and send it along with any deposits reguired.
2) Please find the procedure among those listed below, download and printout the documents, review, and bring the completed documents along to your appointment. Each may take 1/2 to 1 hour to review and expedite completion of your next appointment. Please note: If you are having more than one procedure download the documents for each procedure.

If needed a map and directions to Dr. Pertsch's secluded, private office/operating room and recovery complex in San Mateo, California. can be found by clicking on this link.


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